Our Story

We are sisters that had a long history of not getting along but our relationship began thrive when we just started supporting each other. We both had areas where we needed to experience growth. We cheered each other on and even offered to help whenever possible. When that happen, we both won. 

The growth we experienced in our personal relationship gave birth to a business partnership. My sister is great at business management, and creating processes that get things done! I am filled with creativity and great at connecting with people. Together we made a dynamic duo. We took my dads growth oil formula and developed an advanced hair vitamin so we can help women get healthy hair from the inside out.

As women we are constantly growing and changing. That growth doesn’t always feel good but it’s necessary. We want to cheer you on as you commit to growing in health, love, business and life. So let us extend an official invitation. Will you grow with us? 

Grow With Us